About Blastech

Leading The Industry In Coatings and Repair

Blastech started in 1990 as a sandblasting company and has expanded to deliver overhaul and repair for gas turbine components, OEM parts, and industry standard coatings. With current standards and training, Blastech’s combined staff has over 100 years of experience in the overhaul and repair industry. Blastech’s exacting standards and precise application of overhaul, repair and coatings, Coatings For Industry has been working with Blastech closely as a testing facility to run and implement new products on large parts. Blastech’s reach is both innovative and forward thinking when it comes to new ways of applying advances in coating technology.

The basic philosophy of Blastech is pretty simple: To get the job done completely in a timely manner and to keep in place the exacting standards required for every part.


Owner and Operator

Jeff is the hardworking backbone of the company overseeing every step of a project from production to quality control. As the owner of Blastech since he was 23, he has poured the energy into Blastech to help it grow and if the part comes into Blastech, Jeff has seen it and has more than likely worked on the project personally.


Chief Administrator

Abby joined Blastech in 1998 and coordinates the everyday shipping, invoicing, scheduling and is the point person for any customer service and project questions. As chief project manager and chief administrator, Abby is here to help Blastech’s customers get what they need with quality and timely delivery with a good attitude.


General Manager

With over 20 + years experience in the industry, Frank brings a unique experience and ability to Blastech, unmatched in his training, management skills and ability to see to it that projects on the floor are completed standardly and beyond the expectations of the client.